Crystal Assembly

I Can See Clearly Now, the Gnome is Gone...

As we recuperated from the shitty battle, the bandit archer – I never did get his name – declared that he was heading back to Gresh and the bandits to report what had happened. The other bandit elected to stay with us. During our rest, I managed to complete my latest taxidermy project – a flogger made from a tentacle of the giant killer otyugh we just killed.

We decided to continue north, though the doors in the room with the ridiculous paddle-wheel trap. We were hoping to find an alternate entrance to the water-filled room we’ve been told exists here, but instead we discovered an L-shaped room – more of a wide hall, really – with mirrors placed here and there along the walls. As we carefully avoided looking at the mirrors and debated the wisdom of entering the room at all, Solath suddenly declared that he had caught a glimpse of a flaming skull floating in one of the mirrors.

This seemed bad, but before we could react, F’lar charged across the room to the set of double doors directly across from us. As he approached, one of the doors opened to reveal a devillish-looking character – a cambion, I think – armed with a greatsword, which he promptly swung at F’lar. We piled into the room to the sound of activity to the right, around the corner of the L. Kuruk joined F’lar at the door as Garth blocked the other way, backed up by Solath and myself as Silvio took potshots from outside the room. Uthrag charged across the room and leaped over F’lar’s head, bursting open (or possibly just knocking down) the remaining closed door.

A flicker of movement in one of the mirrors heralded a fireball that struck in our midst, badly scorching Solath. I melted a hole in the mirror with an acid orb and moved to back up F’lar, Kuruk and Uthrag, but moments later, Garth was confronted by two more cambions along with a couple of…dwarf ninjas? Strange, dwarflike creatures in dark clothing, their faces concealed. Whatever they are, they bleed. Garth held them all off, despite absorbing several blows and being set on fire at one point.

On the other front of battle, Uthrag hammered away at the cambion, finishing him off with an ear-splitting bellow to the face. Silvio’s deadly arrows took down another of the dark ones, this one next to Uthrag. The creature’s body disappeared in a burst of black mist, and Uthrag shouted that he was blind. Seconds later, Garth slew another of the strange creatures, and also fell victim to their blinding death-burst.

Solath and moved to aid Garth as he fell back, blasting the foe with lethal magic. I felt fire sear my back and realized I was blocking one of the mirrors – the flaming skull was attacking with rays of fire. Since I am resistant to fire and my companions are not, I elected to stand where I was and block the line of assault. Several more flame rays hit me; painful, but they did little damage.

Meanwhile, F’lar berated another cambion with unlikely comments about its mother, and Uthrag took someone down – even blind, he’s deadly. Garth, still reeling, was unable to block the advance, and I took a few hits before Solath, Garth and I managed to retaliate. It hurt, but I gritted my teeth; I’m a battle-sorcerer, dammit!

I caught a glimpse of F’lar climbing atop Uthrag’s shoulders and heard him shouting directions, then a cry of victory as Uthrag connected. Those two would be hilarious if they weren’t so dangerous. I got in a lucky shot with my acid orb and melted a cambion’s face off, then heard F’lar yelling “Not that way, you blind oaf!” followed by the sound of a gnome hitting the floor and Uthrag’s bellowing and running footsteps. Another door crashed open beyond my sight. I guess Uthrag got bored.



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