Crystal Assembly

Dwarves Hate Stuff in their Beards!!

The session began with the group in battle with the rat-man priest and his two demon lackeys, where they had just finished taking down the other remaining rat-men.

Garth and Uthrag started out holding the demons back in the side corridor with the rat priest behind them, with all others providing ranged attacks. This strategy work just long enough. As by the time attrition brought Garth and Uthrag to unconsciousness, the demons and priest also went down before they could make it out of the hallway.

The final moments in the hallway did have some highlights that deserve a comment. Kuruk charged into the fray, while already badly damaged, and suffered more of the un-holy damage as he administered the healing which allowed Garth the final round of defense. Additionally during the final moments F’Lar delivered an attack with his thrown dagger that confused one demon so much that he turned and swatted his priestly master.

When all the rats were vanquished, and Garth and Uthrag were again upright, the room from where the priest and demons had come was investigated. As they entered, the group saw a strange purple glow emanating from a large mirror that hung on the wall. Solath, F’Lar, and Kuruk determined that the magic mirror was a conduit to another place, probably the plane which the rat demons had come from. This was definitely an item that needed further investigation, and would be taken back to the guild.

Finding a key around the neck of the priest, next led the group to unlock the padlock, and investigate the final area of the rats’ hold. Beyond this door, the group found the large antechamber to the treasury the rats had amassed. Guarding the chamber were five Spitting Lizards. This battle was over much faster than that with the rat-man leadership, and provided some of the night’s best amusement, as F’Lar appropriately named the beasties “Shitting Dragons”, and Kuruk was overly miffed when one of them singed his beard as it spit its acidy goop at the dwarf.

Once beyond these guardians, the group proceeded to the end of the hall and found the door to the treasury. Beyond the door the group saw a large chamber with burlap bags and boxes contained the treasure they hoped to find. Additionally the group saw the metallic sculpture of a large snake, which they had heard was also a guardian to be aware of. As Silvio pumped two arrows into it, the ruby red eyes of the beast flared to life, and it slithered mechanically in their direction. Planning on meeting it halfway, Uthrag charged. However, as Uthrag entered the room a cloud of noxious spores was kicked up. It affected only F’Lar, while Uthrag leaped to land clear of any further fungus. Solath was able to identify the fungus and define its location for the group, as he teleported over the patch. Another great leap by Arjhan brought his axe into play as two chops ended the things non-life.

The evening ended with the group going through the spoils of victory, and laying claim to treasure.



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