Crystal Assembly

Does Silvio Ever Draw Fire?

Session began with Arjhan meeting up with the rest of the group after completing his diplomatic duties in the town above. After a short period, the catch-up was complete with the group made aware of activities above, and Arjhan brought up to speed on the details below.

After the reunion, the group proceeded back to the location where they had quietly dropped the sentries in front of the chasm over the subterranean river. As they approached F’Lar saw a rat-man poke his head around the corridor ahead. Garth and Uthrag quickly jumped across the 7’-8’ gap, in order to help others across. This was probably a good thing as both F’Lar and Solath needed the extra aid. After his scare with the jump, F’Lar stealthily approached the corner where he had seen the rat scout, and after hearing nothing peered around the corner, and saw nothing but a long hallway. Then once again he saw the rat down the hall a little ways, as it once again poked its head around a corner and then pulled it back.

F’Lar and the group move down the hall, and once again found the same. The hall was empty, but this time it ended in a door that was partially ajar. Before continuing the pursuit they made sure the only other door, which was secured with a padlock, would not be the source of a flaking attack. It seem now that whatever lay behind the door ahead knew they were there, and as such everyone rushed in to face the defending rats before they had additional time to prepare.

Actions were fairly chaotic as everyone entered the rat leader’s lair, yelling as they pointed out the locations of each defender. The mindset going in was to locate and take down the grenadiers first. Additionally the group did not want to bunch up too much, as not to give area attacks (like the grenades) good targets. Uthrag and Garth charged the two grenadiers, while Silvio kept a constant supply of arrows flying at all the rats in the room. Arjhan moved to block the flow into this room from an attached hallway, while Solath further mired that approach with Grasping Shadows. This idea was wise because it was the direction the rat priest and his pair of demon henchmen were coming from. Kruk and F’Lar continued to work on the other warriors throughout room.

As one of the grenadiers fell Uthrag, leaving the other to Garth, moved to block the demons approach. Garth then followed to allow Arjhan time to withdraw. The session ended with everything other than the demons and priest down, with the battle line drawn at the additional halls entrance to this room on the unconsecrated ground made so by the rat priest. Only Garth and Silvio remain non-bloodied.

And once again Silvio was untouched………



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