Crystal Assembly

An Ambush Plan Comes Together

The night began with the group finishing off the search of the three tiered chamber. Finding nothing other than the filth and debris that now covered the once great chamber, the group turned to figuring out the destination reached through each of the doors exiting the third tier of the chamber.

The door exiting to the east led down a short flight of stairs to end in a secret door, which they had unknowingly passed on the way down the corridor leading to the guard post. The door to the west entered a corridor turning north, and dropping down two flights of stairs to end in a secret door. The area on the other side of this secret door was also reached by coming due west from the guard chamber instead of turning into the three tiered room. This new area was later searched fully and will be detailed later.

The only other door, which exited the third tier led to the south. Before entering F’Lar and Silvio determined that something was making noticeable noise from beyond. Knowing this, F’Lar entered quietly to get a better idea of what lay ahead. After a short hall, he had a good view of the filthy L-shaped chamber. Piles of rotting vegetation, animal carcasses and the corpses of a few sentient victims were strewn about the room, filling the air with a fetid putrescence. Worse still, a few of the putrid piles seem to be moving, and as F’Lar watched from his hidden position, he determined that there were swarms of rats in this chamber along with a few dire cousins. Determining that no good could come from a combat in here, the group spiked the door, and trapped them within this un-necessary chamber.

As they spiked the chamber behind them F’Lar and Solath noticed a Rat-man Assassin as he and a companion entered the chamber. This pair was nothing more than scouts sent to find out the about the other missing Rat-men kidnappers. However, after a short chase the two evaded the pursuit, as they had just found the answer to the question and could easily outrun the group.

This pursuit did lead the party back to the new area mentioned above. However, the group lost the two assassins that had passed through this 60-foot long chamber, which was filled with piles of rock and rubble. The way out appeared to be a 20-foot wide passageway in the west wall, which continued into the darkness to the west. Kuruk noticed the unstable rock walls and ceiling, and suggested that this was probably be a good spot for a trap. With help, F’Lar was able to confirm and identify the trigger tripwire for this trapped area, and a safe path past the area along the south wall. Knowing these elements the group devised a plan to move the area of the rock fall so it included the previous safe passage to the south, now leaving the safe way to the north instead.

After setting this trap up the group decided to attempted to lure the rats, that would surely be coming. They set up camp within view of the western-tunnel, waited and watched. During this rest, the watch noticed that rat creatures were grouping near the entrance to the trapped room, not venturing into it …just watching. Whenever those on watch would try to draw a ranged weapon, the rats would fade back into the darkness.

At that the group set into action their plan for an ambush. As Uthrag and Silvio watched and kept the rats at bay, the other four moved around to wait at the secret door that also led to this chamber. When they were sure the other four were in position, Silvio and Uthrag moved back out of sight, and waited. It was not long before the sound of the rock fall alerted all of the rat’s position, and all moved in for the kill.

The combat went fairly well as the rock fall claimed four, and Uthrag and Silvio ended the misery of another three on the eastern side of the room. The other four party members who flanked the rat forces out of the secret door handled the remaining five rats by slowing and hampering them with Solath’s Grasping Shadows, As Garth, F’Lar, and Kuruk blocked for him, while also hammering on the rat flank. The battle ended with one lone rat warrior surrendering before the bow of Silvio, whom only showed mercy long enough to gain knowledge of the rat forces that waited in the darkness to the west. In addition they learned of some ooze horrors that occupied the hall to the north (get out the spikes….another room the group would pass on).

With the promise of mass opposition to the west, it would seem time to gather Arjhan for the assault.



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