Crystal Assembly

A Foiled Ambush

The session started with the group pulling out of the rat infested tunnels, to once again smell fresh air and get a rest from the confines of the Dwarven Halls. The real reason for the trip topside was to see if the town could spare a few from the watch to come down and guard their flanks while they ventured deeper into the rat nest. Additionally they were interested in finding if Arjhan was done with his duties as a peacekeeper.

However, as they entered the Mead Hall they found that the sorcerer had been pulled to the other side of town to hedge off hostilities of another uprising, and by all accounts without his work with tongue, the town would be nothing more than smoking ruins by now. The fear installed by the bandit siege, rat kidnappings, and the coming winter had done much to raise the stress levels of everyone in town.

Uther Flint was none too happy to hear the request. However with Arjhan vacant from his duties as group’s front man, the diplomatic role fell on Kuruk and F’Lar. Uthrag and Garth spent the entire time nodding, shaking hands, and smiling as best they could to lend moral support. However, with some mention of the historical significance of the rat threat by Solath, and a warning of the threat that their kind has to the environment and nature by Silvio, Uther finally gave in to their request for a small contingent of men.

With six of the town watch now stationed in the boulder strewn room, guarding their flanks, the group felt safe to venture deeper into the darkness. They noticed that many of the rooms which showed signs of recent rat habitation, had been vacated, As if they were scurrying just ahead, looking for a good spot to defend from. The group did notice one room where the former dwarven statues had been replaced by statues showing the semblance of the rat’s god, the Lurker in the Wastes (this placed Kuruk in a foul mood).

As the group continued to the west they heard sounds of rushing water, and saw sentries guarding the way across a chasm. After F’Lar determined that a number of creatures waited behind a door when Kuruk mention the area would be a perfect place for an ambush, F’Lar and Silvio approached the sentries to take them out quietly, while the rest of the group waited in case the alarm was raised. This attack was perfect, where F’Lar dropped the warrior sentry with two perfected sneak attacks, and Silvio’s arrows and Solath’s magic did in the other three quickly before any alarms got raised.

After that sentry post was dealt with the party turned their attention back to the room holding the would-be rear assault force. The groups attack was done by the numbers and the team took the force down without much problem.

Now with the threat of being flanked literally behind them, they could finally focus on the leaders of this rat nest, and capture any goodies they possessed……



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