Arjhan's Scale and Claw Taxidermy Service

Crystal Assembly

Taxidermy (DEX)

This skill deals with the act of preserving the body parts of deceased creatures, or preserving the complete body of deceased creatures. The skill can be used to generate income, and will be used to tell the quality of work.

Target DC and Sale Price for Finished Product:

Claws/Fangs/Misc Parts (DC10 Base):
Natural Creature 6sp
Magical Creature 1gp
Rare & Exodic Creature 12gp

Antlers & Horns(DC10 Base):
Natural Creature 4gp
Magical Creature 9gp
Rare & Exodic Creature 85gp

Cleaned & Polished Skulls (DC10 Base):
Natural Creature 4gp
Magical Creature 8gp
Rare & Exodic Creature 75gp

Tanning Hides & Rugs (DC15 Base):
Natural Creature 12gp
Magical Creature 35gp
Rare & Exodic Creature 375gp

Shoulder & Head Mounts(DC20 Base):
Natural Creature 15gp (small)/ 25gp (medium)/ 55gp (large)
Magical Creature 30gp (small)/ 40gp (medium)/ 110gp (large)
Rare & Exodic Creature 335gp (small)/ 425gp (medium)/ 1100gp (large)

Lifesize w/diorama and posing(DC25 Base):
Natural Creature 20gp (small)/ 50gp (medium)/ 195gp (large)
Magical Creature 40gp (small)/ 105gp (medium)/ 390gp (large)
Rare & Exodic Creature 405gp (small)/ 1025gp (medium)/ 3890gp (large)

DC Adjustments:
  • Fire, Acid Damage +5
  • Critical Hit +5 (Pounding or Chopping weapons), any other crits require a klooge coin for +2 or 0 modifier.
  • Attacked by Pounding or Chopping weapons +2
  • If all characters take a -2 penalty during combat, it will give a +5 during Taxidermy roll.
  • Easy DC+0/Medium DC+2/Hard DC+5 classification of creature types.
  • Maybe we have a masterwork kit that adds +2 to the skill roll.

Skill is trainable, but can be taken as a two for one with another skill that has relevance (like Nature). Additionally, if taken as a background, you gain a +2 per tier.

Arjhan's Scale and Claw Taxidermy Service

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