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Training Mission

Crystal Allexia summons the entire rookie class to the Crystal Hall, and one by one each of the newest recruits report for duty. After each of the seven had arrived, she starts.

“Well I hope the week’s training has been productive. I see a lot of promise in your class’ skill, and cannot wait to see each of you in action. I have a small training quest that I would like your class to undertake for me. Your progress will be evaluated, and judged, and will be counted toward overall graduation. If no one has any questions I will continue.”

“A section of the city of Taris has been plagued by vandalism, and property destruction, and has caused a number of residents to move out of the neighborhood. Helena, one of the residents, saw one of the raiders, and has information on them.” Seek her out at this loaction, and she hands you a parchment.

“Your goal is to seek out the root cause of this issue and remedy it. Any questions?”

After any questions have been answered, she directs you to the tuned portal for Taris, and wishes you well.

After arrival in Taris, the group gained intel that the raiders had retreated into the sewers after a night of trouble causing.

They tracked the raiders through the sewer to one of the control rooms, which they were hiding out in. After taking care of the Goblins the group discovered a small chest with a little coinage and a letter. the Letter refers to a meeting, that acording to the date, has already taken place. The group knew the meeting took place at The Fighting Cocks Tavern, and that one of the parties attending was this, now dead goblin shamen, and the other was someone with the initials of MT.

Training Mission (Continue)
Training Mission (Continue)

Following the letter that was found in the chest to The Fighting Cocks Tavern, the group found that they needed to gather some intel one of the rougher seedier pubs. F’lar, the Gnome rogue, hoped up onto the counter reached across and bitch slaped the bartender, and Arjhan, the Dragonborn Sorcerer, playing good cop, pulls the small energetic F’lar from the counter and quikly appologizes for the rude “drunk” Gnome. Then just as the Orc bouncer approached to eject the Gnome, Uthrag the Goliath Barbarian openly challenge him to a arm wrestling match, which he easily wins, gaining the respect of the bartender the orc and the needed intel.

Following this info to a warehouse, while detecting an easy tail, The group avoids a ambush, and engages Martin “do not call me Maurice” Trenton, and his goblin thugs.

Training Mission (Completion)

The group completed the battle for the warehouse. Winning with little to no problem, other than a pretty swift move that placed our Eladrin Wizard right in the middle of the bad guys. This ended up leaving a few scars on Solath, but no permanent damage. The group took down the opposition pretty quickly though, and even thought to revive Martin “do not call me Maurice” Trenton, forcing him to sign the deeds back over to the former owners. After that point the beat up con man was turned over to the authorities.

The group returned to the guild hall to rest a few days and hear from Crystal, “Welcome back. I trust each of you has recovered fully from the end of your introduction to the guild. You each did a good job, and passed with flying colors. Your new crystal ring is proof of that, and should you ever need to return to the guild halls just think my name.

Your training is now complete and whatever found on the last outing is yours to keep minus the normal 20% of the cash take. What you found was behind the disturbance, was as we had expected, and the con man’s end is as he deserves.

The Dig (Mission One)

Crystal’s Speech

Welcome back. I trust each of you has recovered fully from the end of your introduction to the guild. You each did a good job, and passed with flying colors. Your new crystal ring is proof of that, and should you ever need to return to the guild halls just think my name.

Your training is now complete and whatever found on the last outing is yours to keep minus the normal 20% of the cash take. What you found was behind the disturbance, was as we had expected, and the con mans end is as he deserves.

Now that you are all back and rested, I have a true mission for you. A dear friend of mine is missing word of his nephew’s safety.

Konsor Coppernight’s nephew, Kavalar Coppernight, is an archaeologist of sorts mostly studying the past of his Dwarven kin. He has over the past few months been busy recovering the stronghold of his clan. The dig site is several days from his uncle’s home and only a day from the human settlement of Edgecomb.

Earlier last week, two of Konsor’s men-at-arms were sent to follow up on the wellbeing of Kavalar. They were asked to return directly with word, but neither has been seen since. Konsor is worried, and has hired you to look into this for him. He will travel to the settlement of Edgecomb and await word there.

Take until morning to gather what you need, then travel via portal to the valley near the site of the dig.

Take care, and we will see you upon safe return.

In the morning the group departs

The group teleported into the valley below the dig site without the company of their Dwarven cleric, Kuruk, who had been picked by Crystal to attend to some guild business prior to catching up with the group.

Once in the valley and seeing the sillouetes of creatures too small to be Dwarves behind the fence at the top of the hill, Flar used the small mounds of rubble as cover and approached the site to get a better look. The scouting mission was successful, and it identified the current inhabitancy of the site by Kobolds.

However, As Solath and Silvio made their way into position on the north western corner of the site the kobold sentries saw Solath as he attempted to hide behind a small pile of debris half way up the hill. At this point all hell broke loose and the group found javalins and sling bullets flying everywhere as they assaulted the site. The highlights were when Arjhan and Uthrag made adhoc entrances through the wooden fence line, and the group (Garth and Arjhan) discovered the hard way that the kobold had special sling ammunition that either distracted, burned, or immobilized you. Additionally Silvio learned that it is better to be safe then sorry with combat healing as he was riddled with sling bullets and javalins.

After the battle and with the help of some intimidation of his “hillbilly cousins” by Arjhan, the group learned that the Kobolds had arrived on the scene two days ago led by a young White Dragon, who felt the dwarven dig would make a fine location for his new lair. Most of the dwarven workers were slayed, and the remaining are kept below. Additionally the group found that besides the Dragon there are approximately 20 more Kobolds below including a spell caster. Flar collected up the remaining unused special effect sling bullets.

Flar then descended into the pit to scout and soon found what was waiting in the Hall of the Ancestors. His scouting was not as successful as before, as he was seen during his investigation. This was fine for the party was awaiting in position on top of the stairs, and when the call to arms was raised, they responded by descending into combat with the six kobolds.

The Dig (Mission One Part two)

The night opened with the intrepid band of adventurers locked in combat in the Hall of the Ancestors with Kobolds, and Uthrag in bad shape. In arrives Kuruk in the nick of time with healing, catching up with you all from doing some additional research at the guild and beyond. Just as Kuruk enters the Wrympriest flees down the hall to warn the forces beyond, leaving just two haggard dragongaurds to block the parties approach. The dragonguards stalled the group long enough for the priest to flee. However, the party follow close behind as the remaining guards fell.

Throwing open the chamber beyond found a room swarming with the little reptile servants, and a slightly larger White Wrymling, who had just claimed this as his lair. The intrusion signaled, “go time”, as Kobold swarmed around the group, and the Wrymling found the perfect grouping and utilized it’s breath weapon. Luckily for the party the breath’s first usage was ineffectual for the dragon’s side, doing nothing but dropping one of his own minion. The second breath did more against the group, knocking Solath and Arjhan from the fight, but this came to late for it to matter. With a final blow the group brought down the White Wrymling, ending it’s reign before it had even begun.

After the fight the group took stock of the findings and freed what few Dwarven prisoners remain alive. The young Coppernight was one of the three survivors. The two Konsor had sent also were among the living. The group rested here for the night to heal up the two downed members, and recover strength before they all set off for Edgecomb. Everyone seemed to arrive at the opinion that leaving the young dwarf here alone was out of the question. Among the good stuff in the Dragon’s loot was a suit of Darkleaf Hide Armor +1 (Silvio), a Circlet of Second Chance (Arjhan), a Dwarven Bearskin Rug (Kuruk), and a odd assortment of coinage.

Info that Kuruk brought with him from the Guild


  1. Grashrenstone Hall was a trading clan and specialized in metalwork.
  2. Years ago a dark plague (Filth Fever) drove out Grashrenstone Clan.
  3. Filth Fever was likely caused by vermin affiliated with The Lurker in the Wastes. The vermin may be lycanthropes.
  4. Grashrenstone Halls is rumored to be just over a days travel to the northwest.
  5. Edgecomb is one day’s walk northwest.
  6. The common knowledge is that both Coppernight Hold and Grashrenstone have passed into history.
Rats, Rats, Everywhere

The night began with the group recovering in Coppernight Hold and preparing for the trek to Edgecomb to escort the three beat up dwarven captives to safety. When Solath and Arjhan had recovered significantly the next morning, they began the trip. The group made good time traveling cross country from the dig to the main trade route, which they followed west until about noon. At that point the group veered of to the northwest on a less traveled path, which they soon found to be more overgrown then it should have been. After about an hour of travel they came upon a tree which had fallen across the path, and as they approached, a figure stepped out from behind a tree ahead of them. The stranger called for them to stop their advance and pay the toll of their valuables for passage. When the group refused, the ambush was sprung, and the highwaymen tried too extract their payments out of the group. The act was in vain, and left all dead, except the original bandit who managed to flee. Investigation of all bodies revealed only a handful of silver, but also the discovery of a strange tattoo on each, that of a fiendish looking rat. The discovery that this location had been used multiple times for ambushes left the group with an unsettling feeling.

The remainder of the afternoon’s journey was uneventful as the group continued to the northwest along the overgrown path. The group emerged from dense woods to find scattered copses of trees and area that had been used for crops in the past. However each farm house they passed was now a burned out shell with crops long since dead. This type of scenery did not change for the next few hours, until they emerged from a larger copse of trees to find the settlement of Edgecomb ahead, which looked to be more of a shanty town with tents and lean-to structures far more numerous than the permanent structures.

When the group approached the town, they were met by a couple of the watch, who tried to turn them away by saying that the village was not able to accept anymore refugees. When the group explained that they were here to meet with the dwarven merchant Konsor Coppernight, and deliver unto him his nephew and retainers, they were escorted through town to the longhouse where Konsor waited, as a special guest of the village headsman, Uther Flint. As the group moved through the village gaunt, frightened faces peered at them as they passed each villager.

The reunion celebration for the Coppernights was cut brief as the merchant implored the group to help the besieged village. Uther then told the group of the troubles that Edgecomb faced, which included the siege of the village by the outlying bandits, resulting in contact and trade with the outside world being cut off, and the pending overpopulation and possible starvation caused by this. Additionally Uther told of a more troubling problem, where recent events had livestock disappearing, and just over the last two nights, two children had also disappeared.

The group was told that any help they could give would be appreciated, but the village being in the state it was in could not muster any reward other then this gratitude. Being the heroes that they are, the group accepted the job to set things right, and was giver some floor space within the longhouse to use as a command center.

Investigation of the tents where the kids were taken from was of little use, not giving the group any leads other then finding no tracks or any remnants of magic use was left behind. In one case the group discovered that one of the children had disappeared from a room where an entire family slept. The next place that the group thought to investigate before darkness set in was the well in the village circle. They lowered F’lar down and Silvio also descended to help in investigation of the well chamber.

This investigation proved successful, F’lar and Silvio identified a concealed door that led to a hallway of worked stone leading away from the natural rock walled well chamber. As the remainder of the group dropped down to investigate the new findings, F’lar and Silvio searched down the corridor for any traps. Silvio’s assistance was again appreciated, as they found a tripwire, which by all indication probably would trigger a barrage of darts throughout the hall. Solath’s magic illuminated the tripwire to allow it to be seen for safe passage.

With this, the group proceeded down the hall where only the F’lar’s perceptive senses found a group of some type of creatures headed their way from the hallway ahead. F’lar however, tipped them off as well as he tried to distract them. With both sides now aware of the other, combat erupted.

The group quickly found themselves engaged with rat-men assassins, when Solath’s magic illuminated the area to combat the stealthy nature of these opponents. With a well placed flaming sphere spell, and some monstrous hits by Garth to highlight the combat, the group ended the rukus fairly quickly. Uthrag, however, was brought down during the battle by assassins poison only then to be healed by Kurak, who jumped in to stand protectively over his fallen comrade with a healing strike.

Once the culprits had been identified, the group pulled back to the village to rest and prepare for the extermination process which would take place starting in the morning, but until then, a number of town guards would be placed ever watchful around the well…..........

So ends the Session, and the party finally hits second level!

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Story of Arjhan the Diplomat

“Tensions are high,” Uther Flint was saying, “as might be expected in a situation like this, So many people forced together, fearing for their lives and their families’ safety. I’m afraid there have been a number of…incidents.” Behind Flint, his weasel-faced assistant Samuel blinked at the assembled adventurers.

“Incidents?” said F’lar, eyes brightening.

“Arguments,” clarified Flint. “Accusations of theft, for the most part, as well as the usual social conflicts. Unfortunately, the guards are locals, and do not command the respect they might…also, they have a tendency to become involved.”

“So what’s your point?” asked Uthrag, bored with the mayor’s long-winded ways.

“The point is…well, to be perfectly frank, I was hoping that some of you might be able to help out. You are obviously powerful and competent individuals, and you are quite graciously risking yourself to help us already…I feel that you will command more respect than the town guards, and will not be blinded by familiarity.”

“You do realize,” Solath put in in his precise manner, “that we are about to enter battle against rat-creatures and Corellon-knows-what in the tunnels beneath your town? Don’t interpersonal arguments seem rather less significant?”

Flint nodded but spread his hands. “I agree, but I also fear that I am in the minority. Already there have been several fights; it’s only a matter of time before more blood flows.” Samuel nodded vigorously.

Kuruk nodded as well. “He has a point,” he rumbled. “So, who’s it going to be?” The small group looked at each other, all ready for battle, none relishing the idea of sweet-talking a bunch of angry peasants. F’lar, a slight smile on his face, opened his mouth and started to raise his hand.

“I’ll do it,” Arjhan blurted hastily, the gnome’s version of “diplomacy” in the Fighting Cocks Tavern vivid in his memory. “People tend to listen to me.” He bared sharp teeth in a reptilian smile and fixed the full force of his gaze on Flint. The man swallowed hard, but nodded politely. “Samuel, here, has all the information.” Uther gestured to his assistant, who appeared less than pleased to have Arjhan’s full regard. “He knows everyone in town, and can tell you who was involved and what items were supposedly taken.”

The dragonborn nodded. “Let’s talk, Sammy.”

“It’s the children of that Stormholder fellow,” Tobias Fisk was saying, one hand gesturing expansively. “No blame to the children, of course, but Stormholder is using them, I’m sure of it.”

“How do you know that?” Arjhan asked politely. A wealthy merchant, Fisk was the most vocal of the arguing parties, according to Samuel. The sorcerer took another sip of the mead Fisk had offered him.

“They’re forever scampering about, here and there. Who looks twice at children playing? But that Stormholder, he’s a greedy sort. Always jealous of the good fortune of others, and him with six young ones. Stands to reason.”

“What, exactly, was taken?”

“Small things,” Fisk said. “Jewelry, a silver cup, a jar of peppercorns – nothing tremendously expensive, but all worth at least a few gold. They were thefts of opportunity, I’m sure. You just search that Stormholder place and you’ll find them, I guarantee!”

“Where were these…items kept before they were stolen?”

Fisk waves his hands. “Around here,” he said, indicating the small room. “Various places. What difference does it make? That Stormholder…”

Arjhan nodded, tuning the human’s voice out as he concentrated, senses attuned for any stray wisp of magic. It was unlikely that someone in the small town of Edgecomb would have had the magical skill necessary, but…

There was something. It was faint, just a trace, but magic had been done here recently – or something magical had passed through the area. Arjhan couldn’t make out the details – it was either very weak or very subtle.


“I got nothin’ to say to you,” Alric Stormholder insisted.

Arjhan fixed him with his best reptilian glare. “Are you sure about that, human?”

Stormholder stepped back a pace. “You can’t just come in and push me around! I’ve done nothing wrong!” Arjhan advanced, pushing into the small house. Behind the angry human he could see a table, chairs – and several human children, staring at him curiously.

Arjhan sighed mentally. He wasn’t sure how to handle human young ones, but he was fairly certain that terrifying their father wasn’t a good idea. “I’m just trying to find out what’s going on around here,” he said patiently. “Will you help me avert bloodshed?” Stormholder eyed him suspiciously. “I’m being persecuted, is what’s going on,” he snarled. “Fisk said I was a thief, didn’t he? Well, it wasn’t me. It was the Jonas boys, if you want my opinion”

“Why do you say that?”

“They’re up to no good – everyone knows it. Shiftless layabouts. They stole my best knives, and you march in here and call me a thief!”

“Your best knives?”

The human nodded. “Aye. I make knives, and they took my six best blades.”

“Show me.”

Stormholder lead Arjhan to his workroom, a locked area with dozens of half-finished knives racked along two walls, and dozens of unfamiliar tools along another and scattered on a workbench. Arjhan scanned the room, letting his eyes slip out of focus and ignoring Stormholder’s complaints. It was just possible…

Nothing. Ah, well. Arjhan turned to Sormholder. “Odd that nothing else was taken. Knives are valuable.”

The human shrugged unhelpfully. Arjhan sighed.

The Jonas brothers proved equally unhelpful until Arjhan gave them his best glare and let electricity play between his fingertips. They listed several small thefts and claimed it was a conspiracy on the part of several other people to “make us look bad.” Arjhan was not impressed, but he did find one oddity: a boot-print by the Jonas brothers’ back door. It was partly smudged, and he wished he had Silvio’s tracking skills, but he could clearly make out the general outline. It was broad and short – far too small for a dragonborn, but it looked short even for a human.

Arjhan frowned. It resembled the boot-print of a dwarf or a gnome, but there were none of either race in Edgecomb aside from F’lar and Kuruk. He briefly considered the idea that F’lar was behind it all – it made a certain sense – regretfully decided it was impossible. Most of the stolen items had been taken before the party had even heard of Edgecomb. In fact, Arjhan guess that the recent tensions had been brewing for long before this whole rat-man situation developed.

Arjhan lay on the pallet, mentally exhausted but not tired enough to sleep. He had visited, argued with, intimidated, chatted with, drunk mead with, and been as nice as he knew how, to over a dozen people, and he felt no closer to solving the mystery.

The sorcerer considered. Most of the stolen items had been small, valuable…and hidden. Often hidden among other, similar items, like Alric Stormholder’s knives. The thief has to have known they were there, and what they were. He always took specific items, ignoring other potential prizes nearby. Why?

The thief had to be a local, someone who knew all the victims. He might be a dwarf. He had some sort of magical ability or item – Arjhan had discovered faint traces of magic at four different crime scenes.

And now there was this ridiculous note from F’lar, which were nearly illegible thanks to wet ink smudges and the dampness of the caverns. All Arjhan could make out was something about cheese. He hoped it wasn’t important.

The next morning brought more of the same; Arjhan assured Uther Flint that he was doing his best, then got the necessary information from Samuel – the weaselly little man really did know everything about Edgecomb – and alternately charmed and terrorized more locals. After several hours of this he stopped for lunch and got yet more information on aggrieved parties from Flint’s number-two man.

Samuel really did know everyone in town…

Arjhan fixed his gaze on Samuel as the man walked back towards Flint’s house, letting his vision blur. There! Magic, centered on Samuel’s chest. Illusion magic.

It might mean anything or nothing, so Arjhan did the first thing that occurred to him. Using all his considerable lung-power, he bellowed, “You! Dwarf!”

Several people turned, startled, but the dragonborn ignored them. Samuel, however, whipped around with an expression like a scared rabbit, hand going to his belt knife. He met Arjhan’s eyes, then turned and ran.

Arjahn lunged after him. He discarded his usual tactic of hurling magical lightning or acid bursts; the man was no good to him dead. Samuel had to be captured alive, to prove that Arjhan was right.

He was gaining, his battle-hardened muscles easily a match for the disguised dwarf’s short legs. Samuel glanced over his shoulder; his eyes widened, and he groped in his belt pouch. As Arjhan’s outstretched fingers touched his cloak, Samuel threw a tiny object to the ground.

Dense, opaque fog exploded outward from the impact. Arjhan lost his grip, stumbled, cursed, flailing about in the fog cloud. His hand touched cloth and he grabbed reflexively. Something snapped, and a deep voice cursed. Then there was a shouted word in Draconic – “away” – and the other person was abruptly gone.

Staggering out of the fog, Arjhan cursed in both Common and Draconic as he regarded his prize. It was the distinctive medallion Samuel had always worn, cracked in the dragonborn’s iron grip. A quick examination revealed the aura of illusion-magic about it, fading now that the physical vessel was damaged.

Ignoring the gathering crowds who had seen him chase Samuel into a cloud of fog – and then emerge alone – Arjhan stomped back to Flint’s house and let himself in. The mayor regarded him with apprehension.

Arjhan grinned toothily at him and dropped the medallion on the table before the human. “Your assistant,” he said, “seems to have left to pursue other options.”

Can a brother get a saving throw?

With the town watch tripled around the well, the group was allowed to rest up and prepare for an extended foray into the halls on an extermination mission. With the ratman rogues done away with the night before and the watch keyed on the well, the night past without another child disappearing. The light of day however brought renewed tension between the refugees and the townsfolk, and in a move of desperation Uther Flint sought out the group to see if they could also assist with settling tensions around town. With the bulk of group more suited for the physical direct approach, the task fell to Arjhan to show off his diplomatic powers.

With a vow from Arjhan that he would catch up with them, the remainder of the group went about the task of gathering up supplies and gearing up. Then the group descended back into the well to sanitize a little. Passing beyond the trap, and the stairwells where the prior nights combat took place, the group came to the end of the hall where with help from Silvio, F’Lar located and obvious latch to open the secret door. However as they quietly searched, Silvio’s fine elven ears also noticed sounds coming from beyond. The sound he heard told him that beyond the door there were numerous creatures arguing over something.

F’Lar quickly threw the door open and the group rushed in to surprise the Ratmen, who had been interrupted from the dice game they were involved in. As Garth and Uthrag charged in to prevent escape, Solath’s controlling magic worked to slow the startled ratmen. This proved too much for them as Silvio’s arrows pinned several to the wall, and F’Lar and Kuruk worked from the flanks.

With the gaurd post quickly behind them Uthrag scouted ahead in the direction one of the ratmen tried to run toward before Garth’s maul laid him low. Uthrag quickly determined that the signs of passage led to a set of double doors, and the group again quietly approached and prepared to rush in. With F’Lar again pushing open the doors so the rest could take action.

However, beyond this set of doors things were vastly different. An immense chamber, 100 feet deep and 120 feet across at its widest point, was obviously once a dwarven throne hall, judging from the broken statuary and shattered remains of a stone throne that litters the floor. The chamber is accessed via huge double doors in the east, and roughly divided into thirds, with each tier accessible via carved stone steps. The second tier is ten feet higher than the first, and the top tier is another ten feet above that. The room is now used as a common mess hall for the Ratmen. Piles of bones and the refuse of past meals are scattered throughout the once-great hall….along with a great number of Ratmen, who appear none too happy to have been disturbed.

The battle that ensued was highlighted by the group quickly fighting to secure the bottom tier, and moves to block the twin stairwells. They accomplished this with Urthrag moving to block one staircase and Solath’s magic blocking another. This tactic was complicated when the rats, being able to climb well decided not to use the stairwells, and one of the ratmen on the second tier began throwing grenades into the center of the group below. The tide of this lasting battle was turned when this grenade threat was brought down by the combined firepower of both F’Lar and Silvio. Additionally Garth’s deadly maul did wonders from the lead blocking position, and Solath’s magical area assault did the trick on the shock troops.

The one thing that everyone in the group needs to work on drastically is the ability to make a saving throw…..The second battle had six failed saves….

An Ambush Plan Comes Together

The night began with the group finishing off the search of the three tiered chamber. Finding nothing other than the filth and debris that now covered the once great chamber, the group turned to figuring out the destination reached through each of the doors exiting the third tier of the chamber.

The door exiting to the east led down a short flight of stairs to end in a secret door, which they had unknowingly passed on the way down the corridor leading to the guard post. The door to the west entered a corridor turning north, and dropping down two flights of stairs to end in a secret door. The area on the other side of this secret door was also reached by coming due west from the guard chamber instead of turning into the three tiered room. This new area was later searched fully and will be detailed later.

The only other door, which exited the third tier led to the south. Before entering F’Lar and Silvio determined that something was making noticeable noise from beyond. Knowing this, F’Lar entered quietly to get a better idea of what lay ahead. After a short hall, he had a good view of the filthy L-shaped chamber. Piles of rotting vegetation, animal carcasses and the corpses of a few sentient victims were strewn about the room, filling the air with a fetid putrescence. Worse still, a few of the putrid piles seem to be moving, and as F’Lar watched from his hidden position, he determined that there were swarms of rats in this chamber along with a few dire cousins. Determining that no good could come from a combat in here, the group spiked the door, and trapped them within this un-necessary chamber.

As they spiked the chamber behind them F’Lar and Solath noticed a Rat-man Assassin as he and a companion entered the chamber. This pair was nothing more than scouts sent to find out the about the other missing Rat-men kidnappers. However, after a short chase the two evaded the pursuit, as they had just found the answer to the question and could easily outrun the group.

This pursuit did lead the party back to the new area mentioned above. However, the group lost the two assassins that had passed through this 60-foot long chamber, which was filled with piles of rock and rubble. The way out appeared to be a 20-foot wide passageway in the west wall, which continued into the darkness to the west. Kuruk noticed the unstable rock walls and ceiling, and suggested that this was probably be a good spot for a trap. With help, F’Lar was able to confirm and identify the trigger tripwire for this trapped area, and a safe path past the area along the south wall. Knowing these elements the group devised a plan to move the area of the rock fall so it included the previous safe passage to the south, now leaving the safe way to the north instead.

After setting this trap up the group decided to attempted to lure the rats, that would surely be coming. They set up camp within view of the western-tunnel, waited and watched. During this rest, the watch noticed that rat creatures were grouping near the entrance to the trapped room, not venturing into it …just watching. Whenever those on watch would try to draw a ranged weapon, the rats would fade back into the darkness.

At that the group set into action their plan for an ambush. As Uthrag and Silvio watched and kept the rats at bay, the other four moved around to wait at the secret door that also led to this chamber. When they were sure the other four were in position, Silvio and Uthrag moved back out of sight, and waited. It was not long before the sound of the rock fall alerted all of the rat’s position, and all moved in for the kill.

The combat went fairly well as the rock fall claimed four, and Uthrag and Silvio ended the misery of another three on the eastern side of the room. The other four party members who flanked the rat forces out of the secret door handled the remaining five rats by slowing and hampering them with Solath’s Grasping Shadows, As Garth, F’Lar, and Kuruk blocked for him, while also hammering on the rat flank. The battle ended with one lone rat warrior surrendering before the bow of Silvio, whom only showed mercy long enough to gain knowledge of the rat forces that waited in the darkness to the west. In addition they learned of some ooze horrors that occupied the hall to the north (get out the spikes….another room the group would pass on).

With the promise of mass opposition to the west, it would seem time to gather Arjhan for the assault.

A Foiled Ambush

The session started with the group pulling out of the rat infested tunnels, to once again smell fresh air and get a rest from the confines of the Dwarven Halls. The real reason for the trip topside was to see if the town could spare a few from the watch to come down and guard their flanks while they ventured deeper into the rat nest. Additionally they were interested in finding if Arjhan was done with his duties as a peacekeeper.

However, as they entered the Mead Hall they found that the sorcerer had been pulled to the other side of town to hedge off hostilities of another uprising, and by all accounts without his work with tongue, the town would be nothing more than smoking ruins by now. The fear installed by the bandit siege, rat kidnappings, and the coming winter had done much to raise the stress levels of everyone in town.

Uther Flint was none too happy to hear the request. However with Arjhan vacant from his duties as group’s front man, the diplomatic role fell on Kuruk and F’Lar. Uthrag and Garth spent the entire time nodding, shaking hands, and smiling as best they could to lend moral support. However, with some mention of the historical significance of the rat threat by Solath, and a warning of the threat that their kind has to the environment and nature by Silvio, Uther finally gave in to their request for a small contingent of men.

With six of the town watch now stationed in the boulder strewn room, guarding their flanks, the group felt safe to venture deeper into the darkness. They noticed that many of the rooms which showed signs of recent rat habitation, had been vacated, As if they were scurrying just ahead, looking for a good spot to defend from. The group did notice one room where the former dwarven statues had been replaced by statues showing the semblance of the rat’s god, the Lurker in the Wastes (this placed Kuruk in a foul mood).

As the group continued to the west they heard sounds of rushing water, and saw sentries guarding the way across a chasm. After F’Lar determined that a number of creatures waited behind a door when Kuruk mention the area would be a perfect place for an ambush, F’Lar and Silvio approached the sentries to take them out quietly, while the rest of the group waited in case the alarm was raised. This attack was perfect, where F’Lar dropped the warrior sentry with two perfected sneak attacks, and Silvio’s arrows and Solath’s magic did in the other three quickly before any alarms got raised.

After that sentry post was dealt with the party turned their attention back to the room holding the would-be rear assault force. The groups attack was done by the numbers and the team took the force down without much problem.

Now with the threat of being flanked literally behind them, they could finally focus on the leaders of this rat nest, and capture any goodies they possessed……


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