Crystal Assembly

The Dig (Mission One Part two)

The night opened with the intrepid band of adventurers locked in combat in the Hall of the Ancestors with Kobolds, and Uthrag in bad shape. In arrives Kuruk in the nick of time with healing, catching up with you all from doing some additional research at the guild and beyond. Just as Kuruk enters the Wrympriest flees down the hall to warn the forces beyond, leaving just two haggard dragongaurds to block the parties approach. The dragonguards stalled the group long enough for the priest to flee. However, the party follow close behind as the remaining guards fell.

Throwing open the chamber beyond found a room swarming with the little reptile servants, and a slightly larger White Wrymling, who had just claimed this as his lair. The intrusion signaled, “go time”, as Kobold swarmed around the group, and the Wrymling found the perfect grouping and utilized it’s breath weapon. Luckily for the party the breath’s first usage was ineffectual for the dragon’s side, doing nothing but dropping one of his own minion. The second breath did more against the group, knocking Solath and Arjhan from the fight, but this came to late for it to matter. With a final blow the group brought down the White Wrymling, ending it’s reign before it had even begun.

After the fight the group took stock of the findings and freed what few Dwarven prisoners remain alive. The young Coppernight was one of the three survivors. The two Konsor had sent also were among the living. The group rested here for the night to heal up the two downed members, and recover strength before they all set off for Edgecomb. Everyone seemed to arrive at the opinion that leaving the young dwarf here alone was out of the question. Among the good stuff in the Dragon’s loot was a suit of Darkleaf Hide Armor +1 (Silvio), a Circlet of Second Chance (Arjhan), a Dwarven Bearskin Rug (Kuruk), and a odd assortment of coinage.

Info that Kuruk brought with him from the Guild


  1. Grashrenstone Hall was a trading clan and specialized in metalwork.
  2. Years ago a dark plague (Filth Fever) drove out Grashrenstone Clan.
  3. Filth Fever was likely caused by vermin affiliated with The Lurker in the Wastes. The vermin may be lycanthropes.
  4. Grashrenstone Halls is rumored to be just over a days travel to the northwest.
  5. Edgecomb is one day’s walk northwest.
  6. The common knowledge is that both Coppernight Hold and Grashrenstone have passed into history.
The Dig (Mission One)

Crystal’s Speech

Welcome back. I trust each of you has recovered fully from the end of your introduction to the guild. You each did a good job, and passed with flying colors. Your new crystal ring is proof of that, and should you ever need to return to the guild halls just think my name.

Your training is now complete and whatever found on the last outing is yours to keep minus the normal 20% of the cash take. What you found was behind the disturbance, was as we had expected, and the con mans end is as he deserves.

Now that you are all back and rested, I have a true mission for you. A dear friend of mine is missing word of his nephew’s safety.

Konsor Coppernight’s nephew, Kavalar Coppernight, is an archaeologist of sorts mostly studying the past of his Dwarven kin. He has over the past few months been busy recovering the stronghold of his clan. The dig site is several days from his uncle’s home and only a day from the human settlement of Edgecomb.

Earlier last week, two of Konsor’s men-at-arms were sent to follow up on the wellbeing of Kavalar. They were asked to return directly with word, but neither has been seen since. Konsor is worried, and has hired you to look into this for him. He will travel to the settlement of Edgecomb and await word there.

Take until morning to gather what you need, then travel via portal to the valley near the site of the dig.

Take care, and we will see you upon safe return.

In the morning the group departs

The group teleported into the valley below the dig site without the company of their Dwarven cleric, Kuruk, who had been picked by Crystal to attend to some guild business prior to catching up with the group.

Once in the valley and seeing the sillouetes of creatures too small to be Dwarves behind the fence at the top of the hill, Flar used the small mounds of rubble as cover and approached the site to get a better look. The scouting mission was successful, and it identified the current inhabitancy of the site by Kobolds.

However, As Solath and Silvio made their way into position on the north western corner of the site the kobold sentries saw Solath as he attempted to hide behind a small pile of debris half way up the hill. At this point all hell broke loose and the group found javalins and sling bullets flying everywhere as they assaulted the site. The highlights were when Arjhan and Uthrag made adhoc entrances through the wooden fence line, and the group (Garth and Arjhan) discovered the hard way that the kobold had special sling ammunition that either distracted, burned, or immobilized you. Additionally Silvio learned that it is better to be safe then sorry with combat healing as he was riddled with sling bullets and javalins.

After the battle and with the help of some intimidation of his “hillbilly cousins” by Arjhan, the group learned that the Kobolds had arrived on the scene two days ago led by a young White Dragon, who felt the dwarven dig would make a fine location for his new lair. Most of the dwarven workers were slayed, and the remaining are kept below. Additionally the group found that besides the Dragon there are approximately 20 more Kobolds below including a spell caster. Flar collected up the remaining unused special effect sling bullets.

Flar then descended into the pit to scout and soon found what was waiting in the Hall of the Ancestors. His scouting was not as successful as before, as he was seen during his investigation. This was fine for the party was awaiting in position on top of the stairs, and when the call to arms was raised, they responded by descending into combat with the six kobolds.

Training Mission (Completion)

The group completed the battle for the warehouse. Winning with little to no problem, other than a pretty swift move that placed our Eladrin Wizard right in the middle of the bad guys. This ended up leaving a few scars on Solath, but no permanent damage. The group took down the opposition pretty quickly though, and even thought to revive Martin “do not call me Maurice” Trenton, forcing him to sign the deeds back over to the former owners. After that point the beat up con man was turned over to the authorities.

The group returned to the guild hall to rest a few days and hear from Crystal, “Welcome back. I trust each of you has recovered fully from the end of your introduction to the guild. You each did a good job, and passed with flying colors. Your new crystal ring is proof of that, and should you ever need to return to the guild halls just think my name.

Your training is now complete and whatever found on the last outing is yours to keep minus the normal 20% of the cash take. What you found was behind the disturbance, was as we had expected, and the con man’s end is as he deserves.

Training Mission (Continue)
Training Mission (Continue)

Following the letter that was found in the chest to The Fighting Cocks Tavern, the group found that they needed to gather some intel one of the rougher seedier pubs. F’lar, the Gnome rogue, hoped up onto the counter reached across and bitch slaped the bartender, and Arjhan, the Dragonborn Sorcerer, playing good cop, pulls the small energetic F’lar from the counter and quikly appologizes for the rude “drunk” Gnome. Then just as the Orc bouncer approached to eject the Gnome, Uthrag the Goliath Barbarian openly challenge him to a arm wrestling match, which he easily wins, gaining the respect of the bartender the orc and the needed intel.

Following this info to a warehouse, while detecting an easy tail, The group avoids a ambush, and engages Martin “do not call me Maurice” Trenton, and his goblin thugs.

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Training Mission

Crystal Allexia summons the entire rookie class to the Crystal Hall, and one by one each of the newest recruits report for duty. After each of the seven had arrived, she starts.

“Well I hope the week’s training has been productive. I see a lot of promise in your class’ skill, and cannot wait to see each of you in action. I have a small training quest that I would like your class to undertake for me. Your progress will be evaluated, and judged, and will be counted toward overall graduation. If no one has any questions I will continue.”

“A section of the city of Taris has been plagued by vandalism, and property destruction, and has caused a number of residents to move out of the neighborhood. Helena, one of the residents, saw one of the raiders, and has information on them.” Seek her out at this loaction, and she hands you a parchment.

“Your goal is to seek out the root cause of this issue and remedy it. Any questions?”

After any questions have been answered, she directs you to the tuned portal for Taris, and wishes you well.

After arrival in Taris, the group gained intel that the raiders had retreated into the sewers after a night of trouble causing.

They tracked the raiders through the sewer to one of the control rooms, which they were hiding out in. After taking care of the Goblins the group discovered a small chest with a little coinage and a letter. the Letter refers to a meeting, that acording to the date, has already taken place. The group knew the meeting took place at The Fighting Cocks Tavern, and that one of the parties attending was this, now dead goblin shamen, and the other was someone with the initials of MT.


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