Crystal Assembly

Why did it have to be snakes?

From the journal of Arjhan

After not nearly enough rest and recuperation, we received a new mission from crystal. It seems she wanted us to run an errand as payment for Grint’s being allowed to join up with us…okay, sure. Crystal owed some fellow a favor and we were being sent to make good.

We teleported in near Serpent Woods and soon made our way to the town…I never did catch the place’s name. The headman there told us that people had been disappearing lately, and directed us further into the woods, towards another village named Sedgewen.

We arrived in Sedgewen without incident. The Sedgewenites seemed pleasant enough, though the big black pot suspended over a firepit in the center of town was a bit…unnerving. We also notices various snake-related symbols and suchlike…was this a village of snake-worshipers? And could I hiss convincingly if I had to? In any case, they denied knowledge of any disappearances, and assumed were were planning to explore “the ruins.” Said ruins were supposed to be rich with treasure. We decided to check out these ruins in the hops of finding some treasure – I mean, some of the missing villagers.

After several hours of slogging through the Serpent Woods, we came to the ruins and started poking around. F’lar and Silvio quickly found a large, half-ruined chamber, but it proved to be inhabited by a pair of ettins and the biggest damn owlbear I’d ever seen.

We decided against diplomacy. Garth unleashed a blood-chilling Orcish warcry and charged, and the rest of us followed. Solath used magic to knock one of the ettins into their campfire, which was amusing, and soon thereafter F’lar blinded both ettins (all four heads!) with a barrage of hurled daggers.

Things took a turn for the worse when the owlbear, bleeding but still full of fight, unleashed a thunderous screech and a burst of frigid air that froze our feet to the ground.

Still, what a specimen it will make!



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