Crystal Assembly

The dwarf's going down on the snakes!

From the journal of Arjhan

The battle continued, as Solath, Kuruk and Garth pinned down the owlbear while the rest of us hammered away at the ettins. The two-headed giants finally fell, and we turned our wrath on the owlbear, now backed into a corner and unable to maneuver. Ultimately, it was Silvio who killed it with a shot to the left eye.

Exploring the room, we found a pair of massive brass doors set in the back wall. We roped our gnome and sent him and Silvio ahead to scout things out, while the less-stealthy team members waited. When the rope twitched, the rest of us hurried in – at least there wasn’t any screaming yet.

We found ourselves on a ledge, twenty feet above a cavern floor. Said cavern had a large pit in the center, and was inhabited by two large snake swarms and, at the far end from us, a hostile-looking naga with a stone humanoid statue standing beside it. The naga was hurling bolts of eldritch energy at us, so Silvio and I began returning fire. Garth was hit and briefly stuck, but Kuruk freed him to leap off the ledge and engage one of the snake swarms. Well, maybe he squashed a snake under his head when he landed.

The naga hurled something large and glowy at us, and suddenly it got hard to think. Not helping matters, the statue animated and gestured towards Uthrag, who gave a pained grunt. I happened to be standing near him, and it felt like he was stabbing me in the brain. Not good. Fortunately, he jumped down to help Garth.

As Silvio began feathering the naga with arrows and the rest of the part dropped down to help Garth and Uthrag, I unleashed the fury of draconic sorcery on the other snake swarm. That froze over half of ’em, so I casually polished off the survivors and then climbed down.

Grint, meanwhile, was charging the statue; as he sprinted by I heard Garth bellow something about “grabbing your inner snake.” Don’t want to know, thank you. Solath and I harried the naga and the statue with magic as Grint charged, backed up, and charged again. A bolt of energy from the statue flung him to the edge of the pit, and he and his cat went down and stopped moving.



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