Crystal Assembly

That's our goblin proctologist

From the journal of Arjhan

As the dragon came swooping in from the southwest, we scattered, knowing that blue dragons are fond of ranged and area attacks. Sure enough, the dragon spat lightning at Garth as it came swooping in. The rest of us attacked, Silvio, Solath and myself at range, Garth, Uthrag, F’lar, Grint and Kuruk by charging in. The dragon was tough; many of our attacks either missed entirely or spattered harmlessly off the dragon’s sapphire scales,

Except for Silvio. He must have studied dragon-slaying at the Elf Archer’s Academy.

Meanwhile, the dragon blasted us with lighting, clawed those who got to close, and tried to overawe us with its very presence. We kept at it, Solath and I slowing the beast with magical attacks in an attempt to keep it grounded where the others could hammer it.

F’lar got in a good blow, loosening some scales, and the dragon attempted to grab him and fly off. The little gnome squirmed free; I’m not sure how, and continued hacking at the dragon’s tendons. I think F’lar slowed him down even more than Solath and I did together. The dragon tried to grab him a couple more times, but finally had to give it up – F’lar was just too slippery.

Despite all our efforts, the grisly beast managed to take to the skies again, although not without a beating from F’lar, Garth and Uthrag. As it lifted off, Grint made a leaping charge atop his obsidian sabretooth cat and jammed that weird goblin polearm of his into the . . . err . . . rear of the dragon. I thought that shriek would burst my eardrums.

And then the dragon called out a prayer to Tiamat and healed visibly. Oh, crap.



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