Crystal Assembly

Snake Jerky

From the journal of Arjhan

Some quick healing and Grint was back on his feet – well, his cat’s feet – and charging the naga. I heard him screech something about “iron dragon strike,” and whatever it was pretty much exploded the naga’s head. I’m not really sorry to miss that specimen. After that, the rest of us ganged up on the statue (those of us who could staying clear of it’s extremely annoying aura) and pounded it into gravel.

Checking the pit, we found it to be full of snakes. Solath’s flaming sphere made short work of them, and a little work and ale gave us some ale spiced snake jerky. We also found the remains of several previous adventurers in the pit, and we considerately gave their gear a new home.

The cavern walls, now that we could take the time to look at them, proved to be covered by snake-related paintings and images, including one that Kuruk and Solath said was Zehir, Queen of Serpents and patron of the yuan-ti. Also, we found a portal in the rear of the cavern, which was good since our entryway had mysteriously sealed up when the statue crumbled. Solath deduced that it lead to Tytherion, the Endless Night, home of both Zehir and Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon. We decided to rest up before potentially bearding two deities in their own den.

We found ourselves in a smaller cavern, opening into a truly enormous cavern, and the portal died behind us – either it’s one-way or it’s out of juice. Moving cautiously into the larger cavern, we were assaulted by a pair of blue, reptillian beasties burrowing beneath the layer of ash that covers the ground. Solath and I recognized them as bluespawn stormlizards, deviant dragonspawn created by Tiamat. Garth, Uthrag, Grint and I teamed up on one of the lizards, leaving the other to our other party members. At one point I manage to blast both of them with arcane ice, although Garth was in the middle of the area. He saw me hesitating and yelled “Do it!”, so I did.

How was I to know he would try to stop my spell with his face!

The stormlizards went down quickly enough, and as they died we heard the flap of huge wings to the south.

An adult blue dragon.

Shit just got real.



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