Crystal Assembly

Over the River and Through the Trolls

From the journal of Arjhan

Enraged at the loss of Solath, I blasted one of the troll-shamans with an acid orb to the genital region. That hurt me just to see it. As the trolls advanced (those that weren’t still fascinated by Solath’s spell) we met them with fury, and soon Garth managed to beat one of the shamans to a squishy greenish pulp. Given that our numbers were fairly even I didn’t think his challenging shout of β€œOne of you for one of us!” was particularly encouraging.

We held the choke point between the two caverns, which allowed only one or two trolls at a time to reach us. They encountered a very angry Garth’s hammer, Uthrag’s axe, F’lar’s daggers, Grint’s strange polearm, and the arrows and spells of Silvio and myself. Kuruk’s dwarvan stamina proved tougher than the petrifying poison of the gorgon, and he began calling down the curses of Moradin upon the trolls and bolstering us with divine magic.

All of us wanted a piece of the gorgon, but the beast – perhaps smarter than it looked – held back and allowed the trolls to charge us first. Silvio’s flaming arrows killed a particularly large and ugly brute, which slashed its claws about in a mad frenzy even as it died. Whenever a troll went down, either Silvio or I seared the corpse with fire, ensuring that it would not rise to trouble us again.

Eventually we cleared a breathing space. Garth was eager to launch himself into the remaining enemies, and only my firm grip on his belt prevented him from abandoning our tactically-superior position. This proved to be a good thing as the gorgon charged our position moments later, breathing poisonous vapors. F’lar took a bad hit, but a quick prayer from Kuruk saved him as the rest of us laid into the gorgon. I had the honor of the killing blow; as it was about to breath once more, I jammed my hand up its throat and unleashed a blast of sorcerous acidic mist.

Not sure if I can salvage a head mount out of that or not.

With the gorgon dead and only a couple of trolls remaining, Garth was finally able to charge the enemy, much to his delight (and their dismay).



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