Crystal Assembly

Do We Really Have To Use the Incinerated Troll Scrota?

From the journal of Arjhan

After quickly dispatching the last troll, we considered the problem of our petrified eladrin wizard. Kuruk knew a healing ritual that could restore him, but it would take time t perform . . . time we didn’t think we had. We decided to split into two teams: one would aid Kuruk in his mystical endeavor and restore Solath as quickly as possible, while the other would delay and distract any incoming trolls. F’lar and Grint decided to aid Kuruk, while the rest of us delayed the trolls.

Under Silvio’s direction, we scouted the caverns very thoroughly, decapitating the dead trolls just in case. Uthrag and Garth began hauling in firewood, intending to build a large bonfire as an anti-troll measure. Silvio said he heard noise coming from further in the cave complex, but no trolls emerged.

Meanwhile, Kuruk and the healing teem seemed to be having trouble; the healing ritual required some sort of chant in Aulde Dwarvish, and Kuruk was having trouble with it. Deciding that Solath’s life was more important that where or when we killed some trolls, I decided to join in the healing. We approached the problem from various ways, using stone and gorgon blood to leach out the poisons under F’lar’s direction, then rubbing Solath’s stoned form with various foul-smelling herbs as directed by Uthrag (who demonstrated a surprisingly subtle understanding of the natural world).

At one point F’lar cut off a pair of troll testicles and suggested that Kuruk rub them all over Solath. I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not, but to be safe I diplomatically suggested that troll testicles needed to be well-charred first, for best effect, and managed to incinerate the horrid things and put them out of our misery. Sometimes that gnome worries me.

Garth meanwhile lead the other team in assembling a truly monstrous pile of firewood. Shouts from the others heralded the arrival of a troll scout, and I switched tasks with Silvio to lend my diplomatic talents to troll-routing. I thought setting the heap of wood on fire with my breath as I strode through it was a nice touch, but I think it was the flaming severed troll heads I threw at the scout that really impressed him. He departed much more swiftly than he had come, taking some fire with him.

Returning through the bonfire, I was delighted to hear Solath’s voice demanding to know why he was covered with gorgon blood and foul-smelling ashes. We brushed aside his irrelevant questions and swiftly laid our plans for Tornak the Troll King. They included a frontal assault and much mayhem.

We decided not to give the trolls much time to prepare, and pressed on with all speed. Climbing a massive set of stairs, we encountered the final chamber, which contained another pack of various trolls, as well as one particularly large and hideous brute towards the rear, with some sort of crown emerging directly from his head. Undoubtedly, this was Tornak. Thankfully we did not see any gorgons or basilisks.

We quickly decided to hold the stairs rather than risk being surrounded by trolls and cut off from support. Solath, demonstrating why we’d gone to such efforts to de-stone him, threw up a spell that had four or five trolls thrashing about aimlessly, seemingly unable to attack us.

To our surprise a handful of smaller creatures suddenly appeared – a goliath, an elf, a halfling, and some sort of fey creature, fighting alongside the trolls. Whoever they were, they were annoying.

And then Tornak made his entrance, somehow magically swapping places with the halfling and mauling the crap out of me with his claws. I made him pay for it with a firey aura I save for such times, and then we all returned the favor. I don’t think anyone missed, and I got in a particularly good strike – a blast of burning sunlight to his face, making him even uglier and healing me of the claw-slashes.

Tornak decided that fleeing like a whiny little girl was the better part of valor, and suddenly he was back at the rear of the cavern with the surprised-looking halfling in front of us.



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