Crystal Assembly

Catching Up...

From the journal of Arjhan

I am writing this from memory, because my writing supplies were destroyed in battle inside the Pyramid of Shadows. If it seems a bit sketchy, that’s because some things are better left unremembered. If my companions remember things differently, I invite them to write their own memoirs.

We polished off the last of the cambions, and Uthrag found the fire-shooting skull peering into a crystal ball – you can imagine how that combat went. Pressing on, we found an extremely cold room inhabited by frozen zombies and some manner of demon…thing. The demon was extremely irritating, battering Garth mercilessly and proving resistant to fire. Eventually, after clearing out the zombies, we managed to take it down.

In the next room, the flapping of wings heralded the attack of harpies…and sahuagin? Okay, sure. The unlikely team of monsters proved annoying but not terribly dangerous, largely because they did not, in fact, work all that well together. Although we all ended up getting wet, the bad guys got ended.

Next room contained a pit, which contained a goblin. He said his name was Grint “the Mighty,” and after some discussion and terrorizing, we hauled him out and found his gear tossed about the room. He turned out to have a stone statuette that turned into some kind of sabretooth tiger, which he rode like a horse. We decided to keep him around; the sheer “what the hell” factor ought to give us an advantage.

Onward and upward, literally…we found a massive spiral staircase, which proved to be trapped. Each flight was trapped in a different way; how nice. Also, dive-bombing harpies. Grint was wondering why he ever left the nice, safe pit, but we pulled it together and won after only an eternity of falling, cursing, and general flailing about.

Next room – on the upper level of the pyramid – was cold. Extremely cold. Also inhabited by hostile elflike people. We showed them who was boss, despite the extreme slipperiness of the floor. After some practice we managed to find our “ice legs,” and pressed on to a huge, icy cavern with a pool of water at the center. Its inhabitant was a large white dragon. Of course, we ain’t scared o’ no dragon, so we charged (cautiously) forward. The battle was fierce, and the dragon was tough, but we finally beat his scaly ass.

The next area was disturbing – the walls were weirdly soft and fleshy, and there was some sort of inter-dimensional portal-thingy. When I got close to it it started whispering in my head, something about “your glory through another’s pain.” We decided to avoid it.

More fights, more monsters, and after a while they all started to blur together. I remember one chamber that was a huge maze, with wraiths passing through the walls to attacks us and four-armed minotaur skeletons…bastards hit hard. That was touch-and-go, but we won through on teamwork, healing, and raw firepower.

Later there was a fight with some tentacled…things, and their master, a bigger tentacled thing. My brain still hurts from that, especially given the floating magical effect that pummeled us over and over. We finally had to ignore the squidaloth and rain hellfire down on the trap just to buy us some breathing room. After that Squiddy wasn’t as tough as he thought he was, but the calamari sure was a mess.

Finally, after what felt like three months, we reached the top of the Bahamut-damned pyramid, and found ourselves face-to-face with the tiefling bastard who was in charge of the place (I’ve forgotten his name but who cares. His name is Douchey Stupidface). Well, him and what seemed like a hundred of his clones. Turns out he can spawn little Mini-Me’s and swap positions with them at will…very annoying. We hit him with all our rage and frustration, scattering clones like leaves in a hurricane. Finally, Solath managed to imprison him in a mystical cage and the rest of us pummeled him until he went down and stayed down.

This triggered some sort of rupture in the space/time continuum, as such things are wont to do, and we found ourselves (still atop the pyramid) abruptly returned to the Prime plane. Below us, the surviving inhabitants of the pyramid were escaping, including Gresh and his outlaws, although Gresh did stop long enough to give us the suit of magic armor he had promised. There was also a tall, familiar-looking eladrin woman – I saw Solath clutching at his belt pouch and knew my guess was right; the Head of Vyrellis was reunited with the rest of her. Good riddance, I say.

Finally, having slaughtered our way through a diabolical prison room-by-room, it was time for some well-earned rest.



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