Crystal Assembly

Alas poor Stumpy

From the journal of Arjhan

With the dragon rejuvenated, we attacked with new ferocity. The groundbound melee fighters began leaping into the air and flailing wildly at the dragon as Silvio, Solath and I continued to pepper him with ranged attacks. Grint took to shouting advice to us, pointing out openings and offering encouragement.

Eventually, despite Solath’s efforts to magically force the beastie down, the dragon flew out of range of our most effective attacks (all save Silvio and myself). Garth attempted to goad the dragon into battle by desecrating the corpse of one of the stormlizards, but his heart didn’t seem to be in it. He and Uthrag had little recourse but to throw javelins at it, with F’lar tossing his magical returning dagger and he and Uthrag maneuvering directly beneath the dragon for the optimal shots.

Finally, with a roar of rage that would have done the dragon itself proud, Uthrag hurled his javelin straight through the monster’s eye. The dragon gave out an earsplitting screech, convulsed, and dropped like a stone – directly onto Uthrag and F’lar.


To make matters even worse, the rest of us heard answering screeches, and the keen-eyed Solath noticed more dragons flying our way from the north. As Uthrag and F’lar dragged themselves from the corpse of the ex-dragon, we ran. I dragged Uthrag to his feet, while Garth simply grabbed F’lar and carried him. We made it to a small cave at the southern end of this huge cavern just as the lead dragon drew near.

Inside the small cave was a portal – nonfunctional. As Solath tried to figure out how to make it go, and the rest of us shouted advice of varying quality, Garth positioned himself just outside the cave and defied the dragons. He quickly paid a price, as the lead dragon spat lightning at him. Silvio responded in kind, drawing blood, and Solath finally got the portal open. We all leaped through, not knowing our destination but hoping it would prove dragon-free.

We found ourselves in a small stone room. After Solath quickly shut down the portal behind us, we rested up and explored. Leaving through the solitary door, we found ourselves in a wooded valley. The location was unknown to any of us, and when night fell, those who knew about such things said that the stars were unfamiliar. Apparently we’re a ways from home.

Also, our rings aren’t working for some reason. We can’t teleport back to Crystal’s place, and we can’t seem to communicate with her. Disturbing.

What’s even more disturbing is the several dead trolls we found, apparently bitten and clawed to death by something meaner than they. Moving on, we set up camp, only to be interrupted around midnight by someone crashing through the bushes. It proved to be a human who gave his name as Stumphas, and who said he had just escaped from some man-eating trolls. Lending veracity to his story was the fact that he was missing an arm and a leg, each apparently gnawed off.

We tried to heal “Stumpy” as best we could, questioning him about the trolls meanwhile, but he did not live out the hour. He said he’d escaped from the northern trolls, a band who have apparently conquered or displaced all the other troll bands. These northerners are lead by one Tornak, a self-proclaimed Troll King.

Sounds like fun.



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