Crystal Assembly

A little about Crystal Allexia and the Crystal Assembly

For many years Crystal was an adventurer, who mastered the arts of magic, gaining the means to form the organization bearing her name. Her early adventuring years taught her that there is a never ending supply of people who require help, and an equal amount of those who could provide that help. Crystal felt that if she could bring the two together, and solve each with the perfect match of resources, then the vast rewards would never be beyond reach.

Owner of Organization: Crystal Allexia

Name of Organization: Crystal Assembly

Type of Organization: Adventurer’s Guild

Location: The guild is located in a large compound on the Para-Elemental Plane of Crystal. Located within the guild halls are many gates to various locations on other planes.

Membership: Adventurers of all classes and levels, though membership is by invitation by recruitment only. Those same recruiters find job possibilities for the guild while scouting.

Benefits: Constant supply of employment, free training, and quality mundane and magic items provided at a discounted rate (15%) for all members. Room and board supplied while at the guild, transportation to and from job site provided, additionally you work with quality associates every day. Sell back items to the guild at 50% book value for magic, while everything else is for the stated 20%.

Membership Ring: When a member completes initiation, he/she is give a ring. The ring grants the wearer the following:
  1. The ring can can open mental communication with Crystal at any time. Like a phone, but she may not answer..
  2. Can allow teleportation to the guild, if Crystal has aligned a gate. She can summon you, but you can not just pop in for a quick visit.
  3. Allows character to retrieve stored funds. As long as it is banked with the guild.
  4. Allows for the conversion of gold on your person to equal value of Residuum. At a rate of 10 gp per minute

Crystal Ring

Membership Dues: 20% of cash take at first level, decreasing by 1% per level of advancement (calculated as average party level at job start). Members are required to volunteer time to provide training and recruitment duties at higher levels.

Staff: Outside of Crystal’s personal servant and bodyguard the entire staff of the guild is made up of adventurers, or ex- adventurers.

Recruitment: A normal induction into the guild goes something like this: A young adventurer with obvious talents and potential is approached by one of the recruiters, and asked if they are interested in employment with unlimited rewards. If the answer is yes, then a second formal meeting is arranged. In this meeting the prospect is introduced to the concept of the guild and given the overview. If the prospect is interested beyond this point, the recruiter requests that the prospect pack for an extended trip, and close out any pending personal affairs. The third meeting will have the recruiter meeting up with the prospect at a desired local, embracing them in a firm handshake while passing them a coin (later investigation finds Crystal Allexia’s visage on the silver coin), and telling them to, “Wish Crystal well for me when you meet her.” When the handshake is finished the character will finds themselves in a plush waiting room about to meet with Crystal herself. This meeting is brief, but the prospect is presented with a contract and asked one final time if they accept. If the answer is no, the prospect is returned to their home. If the 3 year contract is signed then over the next couple of weeks the character talents and skills are tested, they are known as inductees, and their adventures with the guild begin.

The Rookie Class now Known as “The Crystal Brotherhood of Non-Human Adventurers”
  • Alvin – Uthrag the Goliath Barbarian
  • Joe – Silvio Feathertouch the Elf Ranger
  • John – Solath the Eladrin Wizard
  • Tony – F’lar the Gnome Rogue
  • Daron – Kuruk the Dwarf Cleric
  • Max – Arjhan the Dragonborn Sorcerer
  • NPC – Garth Fury the Half-orc Fighter

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Crystal Assembly

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